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A selection of photos - past and present.




Christmas carols again

 this time at the Iron works

Concentrating hard!


Alan making sure they keep time!

Christmas 2019

Christmas Carol time of year again.

Pictured at Market Drayton Christmas Fayre in the cold but with smiles nevertheless,. 

 Happy smiling faces at Market Drayton playing carols

Ironbridge Brass Band Festival 2018.

And it's Chris again.

Keeping the audience interested whilst the band

turn their music the right way up!



Ironbridge Brass Band Festival 2016

Terrific day in the company of some great musicians ...

... and a medal too!


Ironbridge Brass Band Festival 2016 

Musical Director Mr Chris Hardy

Chris brings several decades of experience playing music to the band and at many different levels from Community ensembles to high quality Brass Bands and Orchestras.  He is a keen supporter of Community Music Making.

“Everyone should have the opportunity to feel the joy of music making in an accessible music group. They can sing in choirs or play in instrumental groups from handbell groups, recorder ensembles, rock groups to Orchestras and Bands of many people. The thing is to have a go and enjoy it.”

As a young teenager Chris played under the baton of Alex Mortimer with the ICI (Alkali Division) Band and with the Cheshire Youth Orchestra. He then went on to play under some well known Orchestral and Band conductors and was a regular Pit Player for local Operatic Societies. We are all delighted to have Chris with us and to have the benefit of his experience.


Quarry Park Bandstand 2015.

How beautifully is this?!

Friends together, making music on a Summer's day

A welcome awaits - come say hello, we will save you a seat.

Havin' a laugh in the sunshine.

There is no hiding place there Jo.

Quarry Park Bandstand 2015.

With this much fun who wouldn't join!

Ironbridge Brass Band Festival 2015

Emanuel Church Concert Oct 2012

Golden Jubilee Party at Emanuel Church, Shrewsbury in 2012.  This photo was taken before the event.  Couldn't see the Band after the party goers arrived.  Lots of fun and games for all.


Ironbridge Brass Band Festival 2013

And again a beautiful day

 with some awesome music

Ironbridge Brass Band Festival 2012


Ironbridge Brass Band Festival 2011

Ironbridge Brass Band Festival 2010.

If you ever needed to know, this is proof perfect that the Band will in fact play anywhere.  Even in a field under a bit of canvass and on deck chairs.

A lovely warm day at Battlefield 1403, part of the Albrighton Estate, just outside Shrewsbury.  The Band was just one of the attractions there - Great fun.



















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