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The Band


All new players are welcome regardless of the instrument they play or vacancy existing below.

Enquiries to the Secretary in the first instance.


                            Musical Director - Chris Hardy

Soprano Cornet

Gary McKay

Solo Cornets

Dave Holder, Nick Lythgoe

Solo Cornets

Simon Atkinson (Trs)

Repiano Cornet

Lauren Carline

2nd Cornets

Lil Burgwin, Felicity Peagam (Lib)

3rd Cornets


Flugel Horn

Sarah Carline

1st Tenor Horn

Claire Downing (Dep' Chair)

Tenor Horns

Vicki Boy, Sara Daniels

Tenor Horn x 1


1st Baritone

Olive Brake

1st Baritone


2nd Baritone

Brian Knox

2nd Baritone


1st Trombone

Darren Peake

2nd Trombone Elspeth Boy (Chair), Gill Peake

Bass Trombone

Dave Moss


Eddie Moorcroft

2nd Euphonium

Julie Beards

Eb Basses

Arnold Bergel, Dave Carline

Bb Bass

Pete Ellis

Bb Bass



Beth Knight

  Salopian Brass 2014 - Registered Charity No'  516161 Last Amended:  15-Oct-2017